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Concentration of study

In the bid to strengthen the competence of the students in one of the business areas, the S1 Management Program offers 3 concentrations of studies: namely Finance Management, Marketing Management and Human Resources Management.

  • Marketing Management
    is designed as a tool to develop and discuss marketing insights in anticipating inter-industry competition based on consumer insight by preparing the students to become professional marketers who are able to plan, analyze, and implement marketing strategies, tactics and values and to take care of consumers products, services, retail and manufacturing services.
    Concentration subjects:
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Marketing R esearch
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Service Marketing
    • Marketing Communication
    • Global Marketing
  • Finance Management
    is designed to enable the students to become finance professionals having sharp analysis regarding various financial risks and to provide solutions using various kinds of financial instruments.
    Concentration Subjects:
    • Capital and Money Markets
    • Theory of Finance
    • International Finance Management
    • Investment and Portfolio Management
    • Financial Engineering
    • Advanced Financial Engineering
  • Human Resources Management
    is designed to enable the students who are capable of integrating various Human Resources Management concepts and strategies and understanding Human Resources Management as well as designing and evaluating Human Resources Management, not to mention implementing the same in business practices.
    Concentration Subjects:
    • Work Evaluation and Performance Assessment
    • Compensation Management
    • Training Management and Human Resources Management Development
    • Competence-based Human Resources Management
    • Industrial R elations
    • Organization Behavior

The choice of concentration is made in the fifth (5th) semester. The concentration subjects consist of 6 subjects taught using case study method and 1 subject, concentration research method deals with various kinds of business researches with reference to various locally and internationally published business journals.