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Regular Scholarship

Regular scholarship is made for high school/vocational school students whose average score of semester 1-4 report card equals to/ more than 7. Registration for regular scholarship is open from August to July every year during the working hours. This scholarship is quota-based scholarship, which means whoever register and pass the test first will get this scholarship and the registration will be closed by the time the scholarship quota has fulfilled (not until July).
Facilities for regular scholarship grantee:

  • Free application form
  • Discount or free SPP (according to report card score, English test result, and interview result)

How to get the scholarship:

  • Submit 1 (one) copy of semester 1-4 report card.
  • Submit 1 (one) copy of academic achievement, if any
  • Complete 1(one) application form (free of charge)
  • Do English test and interview
  • Do medical test. Payment of medical tests is carried out at the marketing department