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Internal Memerships

Internal membership covers the entire academic community (students, faculty, researchers and administrative personnel) were registered and register to become a member of the library.
Library internal membership registration procedure TSM:

  1. Fill out the membership data library
  2. Attach a color photograph of size 3 x 4 on the form. Photos must wear jackets and visible logo badge TSM.
  3. Demonstrate KTM (Student Identity Card). For new students who do not have a KTM, must show KRS (Study Plan Card).
  4. Especially for part-time lecturers, must indicate SK mengajar.
  5. Especially for the new generation of students must be registered for the Introduction of New Student Campus Life (PK2MB). For those who are not registered as a participant PK2MB, library membership will be delayed for 1 (one) semester.

External memberships

External membership is a membership that is open to students or those from outside the academic society TSM to meet the administrative requirements. External membership validity period is 1 (one) month or 6 (six) months and may be extended.
Library external membership registration procedure:

  1. Bring a certificate or letter from agency / agencies concerned.
  2. Bringing KTM (Student Identity Card) or identity card is still valid.
  3. Fill out the membership form externally.
  4. Pay the membership registration External per month or per semester.

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